We are so excited to announce a new update AND a new feature on the Petzbe app!

1. We’ve recently added Discussion Boards to the app so you can connect with pets and pet parents about all different topics like pet health, behavior, or any other questions you might have!

To get to the Discussion Boards, just click on the discussion icon in the lower right corner of the screen (This is where your profile icon used to be but it’s been moved to the top corner of your screen). Then choose which board you want to post in or browse. You can post your own questions or answer questions from other members!  


2. The Petzbe community has so many wonderful pets of all types and now you can sign up as your specific species! We’ve added signups for all types of pets like birds, reptiles, and rodents! If you’re already signed up and want to change your species, just email us at hey@petzbe.com and we’ll switch it for you! Can’t wait to meet all you new pets!!