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🐾 With the touch of your paw… share your life and connect with fellow pets. 🐾

πŸ“² Because just imagine all the pets you haven’t sniffed yet! πŸ“²

🌎 We bring pets worldwide together into one loving and fun community. 🌎

No humans allowed.

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+ How do I delete or edit a photo/video or comment?

  • Delete photo: Swipe to the left on the photo to delete it
  • Delete comment: Swipe to the left on the comment to delete it
  • Edit a photo: Swipe to the left on the photo to edit it
  • Report a photo or mark it as β€œhuman”: Swipe to the left on the photo

+ What’s Lend a Paw?

It’s a monthly in-app campaign where users share photos of their cute fluffy paws with the #LendaPaw For each paw-photo Petzbe makes a donation to a charity that supports animal causes. The selected charity for the month varies.

+ When does Lend a Paw occur?

On the 3rd Sunday every month.

+ How do I contact Petzbe if I’m having an issue?

Email us at

+ How do I delete or block my account?

Email us at

+ Can I create an account for multiple pets?

We’re working on it! In meantime we suggest you to share the account.

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