Hungry? Here Are Four Things to Eat At Home You Probably Didn't Know You Had:

Couch Crumbs

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 2.18.59 PM.png

Couch crumbs come in many forms. Cookies, popcorn, chips- always a surprise. The longer your snout, the easier it is to get under the couch pillows. 


Bread Crust


Bread crust is often left on plates after humans eat sandwiches. When human looks away, quietly take the crust with your teeth. Don't chew- swallow immediately. 


Cheese Wrappers


Close your eyes while licking a cheese wrapper and it'll taste just like the real thing. Just don't eat the plastic- apparently it's not real food. 


Your Human's Face

7 (1).jpg

Your human's face is incredibly salty and full of many nutrients. Best time to lick their face is right after they get home.


About the Author: Hi! My name's Waffles. I'm a mini Australian Shepherd from Delray Beach, Florida. I like barking at stuff, smelling stuff, eating stuff, and licking stuff. It's always been my passion to write about it.