A Calico Kitty's Story Of Finding Her Purrrfect Forever Family

November is the season of giving.  Even as pets, we have a lot to be thankful for.


I didn’t always have such a carefree, blissful life.  It’s hard for me to remember way back when, but somehow I was separated from my first human family.

I know I had a home but one late spring day, several years ago I ended up in an unknown, unfamiliar place.   At first, I really didn’t mind my new surroundings.  The spring air was crisp.   I had plenty of things to do and look at.  I was surrounded by many plants, trees, flowers and greenhouses. (later I learned that this place was a small farm/ floral nursery) There were always mice to catch, chipmunks to chase and birds to pounce.  Many of my days were spent sleeping beneath the large flower benches digesting my catch of the day.  Some days at the floral nursery could be quite difficult too.  I missed having my human family around.  The people at the shop were kind, they would stop their work and pet me as often as they could.  It was hard for them to work as well as keep up with my constant need for affection.  Soon I discovered that the floral nursery had a sheltered indoor area, I would later learn that this was the gift shop.  Oh how I loved to sneak in among the humans coming and going throughout the large farm door.  I became quite good at dodging the farmer and running beneath his legs to enter the cozy shop.  The farmer’s wife was much more tolerant of me.  She began to let me into the shop during the day when the weather wasn’t to my liking but I always faced my nights outside alone.  Summer came and went and I became quite used to my new temporary home.


It was a crisp fall morning when I first noticed this human walking about.  I was having my usual morning nap amongst the many sized pumpkins that were lining the wooden farm benches.  I didn’t think anything of her as I was used to seeing many people come and go from the nursery.  But something was different.  She peaked at me hiding under the pumpkin bench and her blue eyes sparkled as she gazed upon me. She was speaking to me in a soothing pleasant tone that I knew I liked.  She walked away and I noticed her speaking to the farmer and his wife before she left.  Little did I know that she was asking them all about me!  Many of the people who visited the nursery thought I was the owner’s pet kitty but I wasn’t.  A few days passed and the smiling human with the blue eyes returned. This time she had four other humans with her, they were much smaller in size, but they had the same sparkling blue eyes that gazed upon me with delight.  Oh how I loved their attention.  They brought me kitty treats and approached me slowly and carefully as to gain my trust. They continued to visit me as the weeks passed and the days became shorter and much, much cooler. Every time they visited me it warmed my kitty heart.

I had no idea what was going on but a plan for my new forever family was under way.  The fall pumpkins quickly disappeared and were replaced with beautiful Christmas trees, wreaths and evergreens.  Oh how I loved darting in and out amongst them.  

It was a late fall afternoon and I noticed the human family arriving.  This time there was a different family member with them.  He was much larger in size, I’d later learn that this was my new human dad and he thought he was coming to the farm to pick out a Christmas tree.   Wasn’t he surprised when he was introduced to me by my new human mom to be and was told that I was homeless.  She explained how the farmer and his wife said I had shown up there one day and I didn’t belong to them.  She also explained that the farm and nursery would be closing very soon after Christmas and remain closed until the spring.   


My new family to be picked out their Christmas tree and then they started the adventure of trying to catch me.  I thought that they new family looked nice enough but I wasn’t too keen about being put in a small plastic carrier.  My new mom was just about to pick me up and I quickly ran out the shop door and into the outdoors.  Some of the little humans began to cry.  I wondered if they were crying about me.  Did they want to take me home I wondered? My new mom began calling for me in a sweet, soft tone, my new brothers and sisters were close by her side.  I decided to come out of my special hiding place and join their family that day.  

I’m very thankful for my new forever family.  There is never a shortage of kisses and cuddles to go around.  Even though I have to share my new home with many others, my new home is purrfect!! It’s funny how my new human dad was the one who “really” needed some convincing to take me home and he’s the one who smothers me the most with his cuddles!!!

You never know when you’ll encounter a pet in need.  I’m so thankful that my mom spotted me that day sleeping amongst the pumpkins.   That’s how I was named of course.  My mom always says, “Why of course we’d name you Pumpkin we found you in a pumpkin patch after all!!!”



Pumpkin Kitty can be found lounging about her residence in Paxton, Massachusetts.  She shares her home with her human family members which include; two sisters, Hannah, Emily, two brothers, Noah and Andrew, her two Border Collie sisters; Keeley, Bella and five Holland Lop bunnies; Charlotte, Jackie, Bailey, Maddy and Chloe!!!