3 Signs Your Human is Having a Bad Day - and how to cope


FOR DOGS: Our entire world revolves around our humans. We crave their undivided attention and love. We do tricks for them so they can be proud over us. We protect them. So naturally, we feel hurt when their behavior changes. But not to worry! It seldom has to do with you. They're probably just having a bad day. Here are some ways to notice and what you can to to help.

1. Your human speaks louder than usual 

This can be an indicator of anger and frustration. Let’s say you encountered with a rude dog or human – you’d bark loud too! If this occurs – rest your head in your human’s lap, or sit on it (not recommended for dogs above 25 LBS).

2. Your human moves rapidly

This is an indicator of stress. Imagine how you’d feel when you don’t know who’s at the door, you’d be stressed too. In this situation, give your human space. Stay calm. Don’t run around trying to get attention. DO NOT bark.

3. Your human forgot your afternoon treat

This is just simply unforgivable